Book Excerpt: Meeting My Husband’s Killer, from

Hello Friends/Readers/Clients . . . 

On the subject of how proud I am of the writers I work with . . . I have exciting news today regarding a proposal from my agency—Kathleen Murray’s book excerpt in Salon took off and the comments (which are varied and many heartfelt) show that this book will have a large audience.

This true story is about two women and a strange relationship that ensues after a terrorist bomb explodes.

Here is the link to the article Kathleen wrote that was accepted by, and featured as the lead story on January 21, 2014 with comments and traffic far exceeding expectations.

Kathleen Murray_SALON piece Jan 21

A video of Kathleen positions her as a real person for her readers, an eloquent voice of someone who has risen above and beyond the sheer brutality of a bomb exploding and blowing up her husband.

Comment from Sarah Hepola, Life Editor,

I did an edit on the piece, which actually required very little.
The writing was so tight, and it’s such an amazing tale.

~ What can you do, dear reader?  PLEASE HELP US SPREAD THE WORD . . . Link to the article, and share it widely. I have four editors locking at the proposal now, and the list is growing daily!

Thanks to Kathleen for sticking with me and my agency!


~ by Dede Cummings on January 23, 2014.

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