DCDESIGN was established in 1996 in Brattleboro, Vermont, by Dede Cummings, a Brattleboro resident for the past 28 years. Cummings moved to Brattleboro after five years in Boston at Little, Brown & Company. Brattleboro had long been a draw for Boston and New York book designers: the quality and customer service at the various type houses was legendary, and The Book Press was a top printer in the industry. DCDesign enjoys a national reputation within the publishing industry for high-quality work, gearing up for success in a new era of publishing with a focus on the self-publishing market. We have full- and part-time staff, including editors and proofreaders, indexers, web development, marketing and publicity. We love traditional typography, but are not afraid to innovate. Cummings was trained as a letterpress printer, so her love of kerning, letterspacing, and ligatures is based on hot metal experience. Enjoy our blog/website, and feel free to comment and send us links.

New England Book Award Winner

Dede also runs an eponymous literary agency, and the response has been strong, with a number of book deals completed and in the works. Her passion for good writing comes through in how she approaches her work, and the books she champions are tightly edited and presented to the book trade and film industry as finely-tuned works. One tenet of her representation is believing in the work, the words of each author ring true for personal transformation, and the team at dcdesign shares this mission of bringing these voices into the world, so others can benefit from their stories.

Editor Suzanne Kingsbury is a whiz and preparing the manuscripts and writing proposals with Dede and together they help the author craft the chapters, write the outlines, and do the necessary preparation for marketing and creating a publicity campaign for eventual publication.

Editorial support is from Kate Baldwin, Ellen Keelan, Rose Alexandre Leach, Sierra Dickey, Cathryn Lykes, Desmond Peeples, Margaret Wimberger and Michael Fleming—all topnotch editors and proofreaders.

Dede also works with designers Carolyn Kasper and Aleta Alcorn Coursen at the firm in West Brattleboro, Vermont. They have been designing books and covers together for dozens of years. One thing that sets our agency apart, is the control of design and the complete packaging that the publishers and individual clients like. We also create eBooks, and design interactive blog-websites with Twitter and Facebook pages to support publication. Examples of our work with our web programmer Bahman Mahdavi can be seen on his site, Webwerk.


Here are a few links about writer/designer, agent, and publisher (Green Writers Press), Dede Cummings

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I am fortunate to write for Vermont Public Radio, and work with one of their top editors, Betty Smith. She is smart, patient, and open to new ideas. A woman of few words, she has taught me a great deal about being a writer in the world. If you want to listen, you can click the link below . . . and, thank you, for being a good listener!

Dede Cummings, Commentator, VPR


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