Why I Serve on This Board

I serve on one board, in my town that is.... I am so fortunate to volunteer for other organizations, too! It is important to give back to your community — to open your heart, especially to area youth who need our help, especially in this day and age when the world must seem large indeed.... Continue Reading →

One Lucky Book Designer

When I became a book designer, back in the mid-eighties, I started working at Little, Brown & Company, on Boston's historic Beacon Hill, in a beautiful old Federal building on top of the hill, near the gold-capped dome of the capital. I lived out in Cambridge, and rode my bike into work most days. The... Continue Reading →

Waking the Dead

Writer David Blistein and I have known each other longer than we can remember. Really! Turns out we grew up around the corner from each other in Providence, RI. But we didn’t actually meet until we both found ourselves living in Brattleboro, Vermont during the 1990s. So it was a personal as well as professional... Continue Reading →

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