Book Design News from VT

Welcome to our first post. I attended the Book Expo America in New York recently, and made a lot of contacts for my firm’s design and publications business. A nice surprise to find that publishers seemed interested in hearing about what we are doing at our small Vermont firm.

Among our most recent projects is a book that was art-directed, edited, indexed, proofread, designed, paginated, illustrated, and photo-researched by the firm, then printed and bound by a local printer. Dr. A’s  Habits of Health is now being publicized and marketed nationally by DCDesign’s publicity department, with almost 15,000 copies sold to wholesalers in the first few months. The success of the DCDesign’s recent 12-book series for Archer Mayor has resulted in a new contract aDrAfrntcovmktingABAsmwarded for March 2009 by the Hanover, New Hampshire−based publisher Smith & Kraus. 


Please enjoy this post and make comments. If you would like us to bid on a job, send us an email at

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