Here is a new cover design



FatherDirtCOVfullHere is the final book cover for Father Dirt. In Mihaela Moscaliuc’s world, there is a dictator, folk medicine, women and children, and a terrible beauty (to paraphrase Yeats).  The poems are strong and powerful and deal with a childhood in Romania and the poet has worked with orphans. i just love working for Alice James Books. Last year, I did Here, Bullet by Brian Turner, featured on my work page below…. Brian is the bomb and he plays in a band after his day job teaching poetry is over….. a modern day poet who also happened to serve in Iraq. I am pretty happy with my avocation, to say the least! Lucky, too, to have Carolyn working with me and we are doing a new collection for Shambhala–The Collected Works of Dogen. Exciting to do a 1600 page book from a Zen master. I will try to upload the page pdf for Father Dirt, too.

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