A Valentine’s Day Love Story

Working as a book agent is a third job for me—I’m a professional book designer and production editor, also a writer/publisher/editor. Why so many jobs you may ask? Living in Vermont is wonderful, especially when we have 14 inches of fresh beautiful ,powder (see photo!) and I can go cross-country skiing out my back door. I love living in a place that has four seasons, a place of beauty and environmental/conservation awareness.  So, that explains the three jobs—it is important to “make ends meet,” to live in a place I love, and do work that is inspiring, and well, fun!

As a literary agent, I review manuscripts, and work with the author to get them in great shape for review by an editor in a publishing house, most of my clients-writers come to me with great proposals via editor, Suzanne Kingsbury. I’m lucky to work with someone like Suzanne, whose high caliber editing and proposal writing is legendary, and the editors in New York really appreciate Suzanne’s work.

My client, Kathleen Murray, is one such referral from Suzanne Kingsbury (www.suzanekingsbury.net), and I am thrilled to feature her post — a shortened excerpt from her memoir—for Valentine’s Day.

To loose a loved one, is something many of us have experienced, but Kathleen’s story is especially poignant and universal in this era of terrorism and upheaval. She writes with eloquence and skill, but with an honestly I find compelling. Thanks for helping her build a writer’s platform by sharing this blog and her wonderful piece in Salon.

A Valentine’s Day Love Story.

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