News & Our September Writing Retreat with Suzanne Kingsbury


Hi All, On this post-thunderstorm Vermont morning as my sunflowers are just starting to bloom, I wanted to thank you all for your support this year! DCDesign continues to make beautiful books (our recent Jane Mead design is an award winner) and publicize fabulous authors, like Tim Weed’s new book, Will Poole’s Island, which was featured at the Nantucket Book Festival, and Tim will also be reading at the Burlington Book Festival and the Brattleboro Literary Festival.

In publishing news, style maven and one of the up and coming books in the field is Desha’s Peacock’s first book, Sweet Spot Style: The Style You Crave on a Budget You Can Afford, we sold to Skyhorse last year is already in its second printing! Congrats to Desha, and grab a book and transform your home, apartment, all on a budget!

Another one of our literary agency authors, Shannon Galpin‘s upcoming book, Mountain to Mountain, is the lead title for St. Martin’s Press this fall! Here is a blurb that just came in…. and you can see why we are so excited!

“Shannon Galpin’s lovely cycling saga is an inspiring and illuminating window into the lives of modern day Afghan women and their continuing struggle to ride their own path to freedom, recognition, and equality.” —Khaled Hosseini, New York Times bestselling author of The Kite Runner and And The Mountains Echoed

Green Writers Press has moved into the world with sold-out books (The Bodies of Mothers, Lasting Words), foreign sales, and we are in negotiations with German and French publishers for The Bodies of Mothers!), one of our place-based novels, That Year in Boston, is being repped by a film agent, and now a new magazine!  ~ Take a look at our fall catalog here . . . We are changing the world one page at a time, and you, my friends and colleagues, have been a huge part of it. ~~~~~~~


Pond House September Retreat, 2012. We gather around the 1900's fieldstone fireplace to write. The fire rages on the page and in the room.
Pond House September Retreat, 2012. We gather around the 1900’s fieldstone fireplace to write. The fire rages on the page and in the room.
Book shaman, Suzanne Kingsbury & literary agent and publisher, Dede Cummings. Photo by Jeff Woodward at

To celebrate, award-winning author and book shaman, Suzanne Kingsbury and I are running away to my family’s summer house on the coast of Rhode Island September 11th-14th to do a writing retreat. It’s our third one at the Pond House, and I wanted you to know that you are invited! These retreats are spread only by word of mouth and word has slipped out, and there are now only two (two!) spaces left.  So, if you are feeling the call to run away with your writing, this is the time. These retreats shift your work exponentially, spur on book deals and allow you to fall in love with the page again. At retreat, we cozy up in front of the fire or on the wrap-around porch to write in the Gateless method (a way of teaching writing that ceases activity in the critical mind). We feast on organic food, walk on the beach and read aloud, telling each another what is strong in the work, what works, what we love. Everything that might not be working simply falls away. It’s an extraordinary four days. Because all retreats are spread by word-of-mouth, they tend to fill very quickly. So if you would like to join us or if you know someone who might, let us know soon… Below you will find words from past retreat participants to let you know what the experience holds. Rates are very reasonable and include everything but the vehicle to get you there. Email me as soon as you can if you are hearing a yes. I’d love to write with you. (

Here is our view from the terrace of the house. We have almost 900 feet of private waterfront, and a sweet little boathouse with a balcony over the water where you can meet with our writing shaman, Suzanne Kingsbury.
Here is our view from the terrace of the house. We have almost 900 feet of private waterfront, and a sweet little boathouse with a balcony over the water where you can meet with our writing shaman, Suzanne Kingsbury.

CatieRetreat has given me faith in my voice as a writer and so much more respect for the ability of my words to help people (I write mostly about yoga and coaching). To write in an open, non-competitive environment with other writers (now friends!) gave me the courage to try new things, and provided incredible feedback that gave me the confidence to push my work into channels I’d never have thought to try. I’ve been writing non-stop since I got back – I’ve have had three more pieces published and I’m outlining a book! (Something I never thought I’d do.) Suzanne and Dede continue to be amazing mentors and friends – this retreat was worth every penny and so, so, so much more!!! —Catie Webster, Bozeman, Montana, branding expert, yogi, writer and retreat participant     Maryretreatphoto

My first retreat piece wasn’t even a page long. Almost before I was done reading, Suzanne jumped out of her chair and ran around the room, dancing and squealing. She knew, right then, that the half a page I had written that day was my memoir-to-come. The memoir I built out of the seed story from that retreat just got picked up by one of the biggest agents in New York!Mary Okoye, Tucson, AZ, lobbyist, retreat participant

KateBI came into retreat feeling blocked, distant from my writing, and rudderless. When I came out, the intense work and deep nourishment of retreat had lifted me out of my busy life and grounded me again as a writer. All important to the weekends’ work was the skillful and gentle bodywork I received. My mental and physical blocks literally eased up. I felt better and wrote freely. Retreat was entirely nurturing and allowed me to be my best writing self. Now I have a plan for my manuscript, agent interest and a surefooted way to move forward. —Kate Baldwin, Newburyport, MA, writing teacher and retreat participant

Suzanne has been my guiding light and my inspiration. Dede is positive, and keeps me energized. Since working with them, my story has been highly praised by the best editors at major media outlets and some of the top publishing houses in NY considered my memoir for publication. And…at this last retreat, I just signed a book deal for my memoir The Widow and the Hijacker! —Kathleen Murray Moran, New York, NY, professor and repeat retreat participant

A true book shaman, Suzanne is wonderful, she is a gem, she’s talented sharp and very experienced in the literary business. After she helped me with my proposal, Dede took it on. Within 48 hours she had me in seven of the top publishing houses in New York City, and within one day I had my first book offer. I am now working on my next book!” —Katina Makris, Peterborough, New Hampshire, medical intuit and repeat retreat participant

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