Blurbs make it seem real..

Here are two lovely blurbs for my upcoming poetry collection, entitled The Meeting Place, due out May 2018, from Salmon Poetry of Ireland. It’s starting to become real…

In Dede Cummings’ The Meeting Place, we find a writer at the height of her powers, reaching back to the past to find not only herself, but also to explore her family’s origins, and the sources of love that bind them together. Yet in these open-armed, funny, serious and sacred poems, we also meet ourselves over and over, for Cummings knows that the specific, when lovingly described, becomes the universal. Dede Cummings is ‘writing to reach’ a world desperately in need of the tenderness and affection that underpin each and every one of her poems.

— James Crews, author of The Book of What Stays and Telling My Father


In THE MEETING PLACE, Dede Cummings exposes some of the more interesting cards in the deck of her life. The results are a series of openhearted, straightforward poems, which are as sensitive to the natural world as they are to the inner one.  Best of all, they are sensitive to the reader, whose presence is welcomed (if sometimes shyly) into these intimate rooms.

— Billy Collins

Some shots of my recent trip to Ireland … I’ll be back in May for the Ennistymon Book Festival and s bool tour …

2 thoughts on “Blurbs make it seem real..

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  1. wonderful…

    …so glad for you, cousin.

    I surely look forward to the book; to diving heartlong into those poems.

    Hope you are having a fine Autumn meanwhile;

    My own time in Maine has been steeped in beauty, serendipity & poetry, daily & nightly inspiration…

    With love,


    Late afternoon atop Beech Hill…

    Colin Goedecke 212-864-8714


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